OIL PULLING: No. Just no.

Have you tried this latest fad??


Nowadays millennials can spew out health and beauty fads more fluently than “Anchorman” quotes.  In between the daily struggles of #selfies, compulsively checking Instagram, and stalking your latest crush on Facebook, health and beauty has become less of a focus on health, and more of a focus on a David Copperfield illusion of wellness.

Let’s face it: it’s far more motivating to think modern technology has miraculous weight loss tips or genetically engineered food with negative calories.  But here we are, in 2014, with the facts.  If you want to lose weight, you have to diet and exercise.

What about oral hygiene?  Brush and floss?  Ha!  It’s no secret that for most of us the last time that white thread was in-between our teeth was when the hygienist did the honors 6 months ago… right?

Oil Pulling” seems much more effective [enter heavy dose of sarcasm…

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A Friendly Dose of “Mental Floss”….


The Data & Analysis Center reviewed more than 77 million Delta Dental claims and found that–over a lifetime–a single cavity can have serious economic consequences down the road. We can help you prevent tooth decay and save you a bundle!

With new advances in Dental Technology and Treatment, we can stop tooth decay from progressing and beautifully restore damaged teeth. Once restored, proper home care will help your restorations last; however, there is no such thing as a “permanent dental restoration.” That’s why we are so passionate about having you and your family come in for routine dental exams to help prevent tooth decay. That means not waiting until your in pain to call us!

A new study shows that since all restorations are “temporary” the lifetime cost of treating just one molar that started with a small filling–on average–is about $2,187. Multiply that by several teeth and you’ll come up with lots of reasons you’d rather enjoy spending your hard earned money on other things! Let’s face it, by comparison–an exam cost next to nothing. And this is where real prevention comes in. We now know that when good oral hygiene is coupled with regular dental visits and cleanings–cavities are almost entirely preventable. Yet, 90 percent of all adults have had one or more cavities. And nearly 80 percent of young people have had a cavity by the age of 17. When caught early, we can restore the form and function of your decayed teeth before more serious damage occurs. DON’T WAIT TO CALL!

If you really want to keep your pocketbook and your pearl whites happy…PREVENTATIVE dentistry is the way to go!