You could have GINGIVITIS….AND not even know it!

It seems like from sun up to sundown, you face a never ending “TO DO” list.

So when another day starts with a slight bleeding of your gums as you brush or floss, don’t let this get lost in the shuffle of your busy day!

If any other part of your body started bleeding when you cleaned it, you wouldn’t think it was normal and ignore it!

The TRUTH is, it’s never normal for your gums to bleed easily or to become red and swollen. It’s called GINGIVITIS–the mildest form of gum disease. 

There are usually no warning signs in its early stages. You could have gum disease and not know it!!

THE GOOD NEWS!!!!! Gingivitis is 100% REVERSIBLE!

With professional treatment and good oral home care, gingivitis is 100% reversible. That’s because gingivitis only affects the tissue above your gum line. The bad news is, left untreated, it can progress to periodontitis; advanced gum disease. Periodontitis causes infection and destruction of the tissue and bone below your gum line. As the infection spreads, periodontitis can result in significant bone loss, tooth loss, and systemic health issues, such as increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Advanced periodontitis is not reversible and often will require oral surgery. 

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